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Meet Christy

Hello! I'm glad you stopped by!

Well, if we haven’t met yet we have probably crossed paths at some point without realizing it.

I was pretty much born and raised right here in Quesnel.

I’ve been working in Quesnel for over 30 years in areas like Logging, Construction, Real Estate and Child Day Care!

Volunteering has been a huge part of my life here too! As an organizer for the local Breakfast Club

School Program, as a member of the Rotary Club of Quesnel and most recently as the

event organizer of Brave Soul Day in 2019.

Service to others is one of my core values. I feel honored to be able to contribute in any way to this great community that has always supported me, in life and business!

My greatest loves are my hubby and our two fur babies Indy and Maggie. We live on our own little piece of paradise just minutes from town and everyday when I look out the window of my office and I am amazed and grateful for having more blessings in my life than I ever thought possible. 

The fact that some days I can go to work in my pajamas is just the icing on the cake!

Meet Christy: Welcome

My Work and Volunteer Affiliations


Association that adds constant updates and opportunities for education to stay current and get certified in proper payroll practices.

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Rotary Club of Ca

Meet Christy: Testimonials


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"Thank you Christy for your client referral to me. I really appreciate the referrals and how well we work together!"
Debbie Wiens, Partner

"Thanks Christy, you are already making a huge difference in my life so I thank you for that!”
Judy Sutton, Owner

Meet Christy: Testimonials
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